Luminaria Cost-Saving Tips

Luminaria Cost-Saving Tips

We live in challenging financial times.  It seems the price for everything is going up!  Never has it been so important than to think carefully how you spend your dollars.  Here is a list of money-saving tips to consider when buying luminarias.

1. Buy FLIC Luminaries -  We may cost a bit more than the other options but you quickly come out ahead because our luminarias will last while other brands are lucky to get through one holiday!  They come with the only factory warranty in our industry!  No other luminary producer even offers a warranty!  Our 10-year Luminary Warranty is the only luminary guarantee in the USA!  We have examples of our luminaries still in use after 22 years!  We use an industry-protected polymer formula giving them durability outside for long periods, regardless of heat or cold, and rain, sleet or snow!

2. Promote FLIC Luminaries - promote our luminarias throughout your neighborhood and save 25% off your purchases while spreading beautiful luminarias in your neighborhood!  Visit our HOA neighborhood website and signup your neighborhood!  We will build your specific neighborhood a custom ordering webpage.  Just help us a little bit with promotion by placing your ordering page link with your neighbors.  Facebook neighborhood page, Nextdoor, HOA webpages, door-to-door info, phone calls and face-to-face promotion... all are great ways to get the word out!  Imagine your entire neighborhood illuminated!  You most-likely don't need your HOA behind your desire to spread luminarias, but if possible, promoting through your HOA is advised.

3. Earn FREE SHIPPING - We give every customer free shipping when their order totals $100 or more.  You should not spend near $100, but just below, because the cost of your shipping may put you at $100 or even more.  We ship most orders via UPS and shipping fees usually run between $10 to $25.  Why pay UPS when you can receive that savings in products? 

4. Buy LED Bulbs - If you decide to light your luminaries with our light strings, go ahead and pay the extra cost for our LED C7 bulbs.  These bulbs last far longer than traditional incandescent bulbs and use only a fraction of the energy to light.  You will quickly save the cost of the bulbs with hours of use.  Also, if you intend on running more than 4 12-socket light strings end-to-end, you will need these low-current bulbs to prevent damage to your light strings because incandescent bulbs use too much current and can blow fuses or melt light strings and produce a fire or electrocution risk!

5. Buy LED Tea Lights with Timers - If you plan on using our LED tea lights in your luminarias, consider buying the timer versions (standard or XtraBrite).  These LED tea lights look the same as the non-timer version because they only have a power button.  They work by staying on for 5-hours from the time you turn the power on, then power down for 19-hours, then continues to cycle on this schedule.  They not only save you from having lots of manual work turning them on and off, but also guarantee you don't forget and leave them on all night!  Also, if you plan to use them for many nights, put each LED tea light into a Ziploc snack bag.  This will help keep water out of your lights so you can expect many years of use!  Don't forget to buy extra batteries as a set of batteries tend to last around 40 hours or so.

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