FLIC atop Parks Legado Shopping Center!

FLIC atop Parks Legado Shopping Center!

In the fall of 2021, we were contacted by the Sewell Family of Companies, a large organization with a fleet of automotive dealerships under their wing.  They desired to illuminate their dealership in the Parks Legado Town Shopping Center with thousands of luminaries atop their buildings to resemble the spirit felt at Santa Fe's Farolito Walk, Canyon Road, on Christmas Eve.

With the help of the special staff at Sewell, this project came together and was a huge success throughout the 2021 holiday season! 

FLIC has vast experience helping businesses and organizations desiring to create a unique holiday lighting experience.  Some examples include auto dealerships, shopping centers, casinos, botanical gardens, amusement parks, and city buildings and parks.  We've even lit a destroyer ship deck for the US Navy!

We would like to thank the team at Sewell for believing in us and our luminarias and being such a professional group to work with that allowed our luminarias to shine in all their glory!

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  • Melissa Hernandez

    Melissa Hernandez 06/07/2022

    I experienced these beautiful luminaria at Parks Legado last December. The shopping center was so beautiful and in very good taste. Very classy look! I know they received many compliments because I heard many people raving about the atmosphere it created.

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