Bulk Pricing

We offer bulk luminary pricing to all types of customers; HOAs, botanic gardens, churches, and all residential and commercial customers. The discounted price relates to the quantity purchased. Discounts extend to the luminary light source. stakes and other related products. In order to have your project specifically bid, please contact us to receive a custom quote. Our 10-year Luminary Warranty is in effect for bulk orders, too.

bulk luminaries

Our bulk discounts are a separate program from our group discount program we offer neighborhoods. Visit our neighborhood deal page to learn more. Only one of these discounts can be applied during purchase. The highest discount will be applied. 

It's best that you contact us with your desired purchase and we can discuss your appropriate discount and provide you with answers to all of your questions so you can make an educated purchase.

Example Pricing

To get an idea of what you might pay let's say you are considering the purchase of 516 luminaries (it ships best if you order in multiples of 12). 516 luminaries at our regular online price would equal $3007.85. But at that quantity, you would qualify for a 20% discount, making your price $2406.28. A $601.57 savings! Your "per luminary cost" would be $4.66!

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