FLIC Luminaries Wholesale Purchaser Program

The FLIC Luminaries Wholesale Purchaser Program is designed to help clients who purchase large quantities and also for resellers who help us develop and support a nationwide network of upscale retail outlets to provide the consuming public with a local alternative to buying on this website.

*It is important to know that you do not have to be a reseller to qualify for discounted pricing. If you are interested in buying a large quantity of luminaries (for any purpose), please contact us directly to discuss your options.

To these authorized FLIC Luminary Wholesale customers FLIC Luminaries, LLC will provide product and product support as follows:

  • Offer the possibility of drop shipping orders directly to the end users, leaving FLIC sales material out and including the wholesale customers' materials.
  • Sell FLIC Luminaries and accessories at the then current wholesale prices to authorized FLIC wholesalers.
    This wholesale price list will be available to FLIC wholesalers and they may purchase FLIC luminaries and accessories for retail resale purposes at the wholesale price list prices subject to the terms and conditions that accompany that price list.
  • Maintain wholesale customer support. FLIC will have available customer support information via phone and e-mail as well as available on our web site.
  • Provide and administer warranty service. The FLIC 10-Year Luminary Warranty starts from date of purchase by a consumer. FLIC is the sole administrator of this warranty.
  • Maintain a policy of continuous product improvement. FLIC Luminaries, LLC has a policy of continuous product improvement and of product line expansion to meet the ever changing needs of the luminary using public. Therefore the specifications, pricing and policies of FLIC Luminaries, LLC are subject to change without notice.

To qualify for authorization as a FLIC Luminary Reseller under the FLIC Luminary Wholesale Purchaser Program you must:

  • Be in the business of selling products at retail or of wholesaling to retail outlets and have been in that business at least 1 year.
  • Have a current tax ID number.
  • Pay in advance on orders.
  • Be in a sales market category and be in a geographic area that FLIC Luminaries, LLC is currently servicing.

If you are interested in receiving more information about the FLIC Luminary Wholesale Purchaser Program, please contact us at your convenience.

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