FLIC Luminaries is synonymous with Botanical Luminaries!

For almost 20 years, FLIC Luminaries has been the prominent supplier of luminaries for botanical gardens, arboretums, nature parks, theme parks and municipal parks. Our luminaries are the only solid-built luminary available and proudly carries our 10-year Luminary Warranty. It makes perfect sense that our luminaries become the perfect match for the demanding needs of our commercial/organizational clients.

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Our luminaries offer many benefits to all our nature friends.

1. Christmas luminary events offer an excellent opportunity to gather support at a time in the year when most patrons are not focused on outdoor functions.

2. Our luminaries are soft and warm event lighting especially attractive at wedding venues. Event lighting is a positive feature helping sell your venue and can be used to enhance value.

3. Our luminaries are versatile and their appearance can easily be altered by adding decor or changing the light source. Use these to enhance any event and create more effect on the theme.

4. Our luminaries can be commercialized into your branding by selling them in your giftshop. Add 4-color graphics and offer as a single interior home keepsake light!

Our offer to you:

We will save your organization 25% off our list price and dedicate our years of experience to help you develop the proper luminary program that best suits your needs and desires.

We put our focus on matching the quality of our customer service with the quality of our luminaries. Only the best!

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Many options to get started:

Browse our website - We show many examples of our product and in use with nature.

Register and contact us - Connect with us by email, phone or contact form page to start a conversation.

Request a sample kit - Our sample kits will allow you to experience the quality of our products. Our luminaries sell themselves!

Discuss it within your organization - Don't hesitate to involve us where needed. We have vast experience working with landscape professionals, engineers and electricians.

Never hesitate to contact us - We are always happy to help you in any way possible! No question is a bad question. No request is a bad request. We are here to serve!

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