FLIC Luminaries Fundraiser Program Information

The FLIC Luminaries fundraiser program is designed to aid civic, charitable, school, church and social service organizations to raise money for their causes. Along with our original luminarias, FLIC Luminaries is now able to customize our luminarias for your particular fundraiser.

Relay for Life - we have developed a purple luminary for the American Cancer Society's "Relay for Life" and work with local chapters to supply them with luminarias and also custom-printed luminarias for their fundraising luminary events. Check out our website with the details, Relayluminaries.com.

We have recently added an indoor luminary specifically for schools and children-focused organizations. This is our white luminary packaged with a single-socket light string with an on/off switch.  Our white luminary is designed for decorating; felt marker pens, stickers and decals, jewels, feathers, really anything can be glued on.  Our luminarias become canvasses for all the imagination of the children decorating them.  The finished product is a very sentimental keepsake for parents and family members. 

FLIC Luminaries will maximize contribution revenues generated by your luminary fundraiser:

  • Creating a keepsake memento:

    Our FLIC Luminary can be taken home as a keepsake memento from your function. This allows you to ask for a larger contribution than is possible with a paper sack luminary. Our luminarias are solid and permanent!

  • Providing additional value at the function:

    Our FLIC Luminary can be decorated with marker pens, pictures, cutouts, jewels, feathers, etc. to personalize it and thus create the most value in the eyes of your contributor. This is a unique canvas to customize making it a learning experience for children.

  • Providing additional value after the function:

    The luminary can be used over-and-over again by your contributor in either an indoor or outdoor setting at their home or office. This allows you to ask for a larger contribution than is possible with the paper sack luminary. Our luminarias are built for continued outdoor use or indoor use.

  • Excellent cost-to-value ratio:

    Each of our luminarias is built with 1/2 lb of high-grade polyethylene polymer.  They are very solid and will be around for a long, long time regardless if used indoors our outdoors. When you qualify in our program, you buy our luminarias at a discounted rate, and our prices are kept low from our business structure of selling "factory direct" to you.  We ship your luminarias directly from our manufacturing facility to save you money. There are no middle men or costly distribution centers between you and our luminarias. You will reap the benefit by being able to value your finish sales price higher with an excellent ratio based on the contributors' perception of buying a quality item.

FLIC Luminaries can also minimize your cost of luminarias by:

  • Manufacturing your order in a single production run to your exact needs regarding color, style and accessories.
  • Bulk packaging your order.
  • Shipping via the least expensive manner including allowing customer pickup at our factory.
  • Preparing for your group a custom quotation based on our most recent manufacturing cost.

To qualify your organization must be at least one of the following:

  • Be a fundraising organization for a school, sports team, or social program.
  • Be a non-profit charitable organization (internal revenue code section c) and furnish FLIC with a letter of determination from the IRS.
  • Place an order for a minimum of 250 FLIC Luminaries.

If you are interested in receiving more information about the FLIC Luminary fundraiser Program please contact us to discuss the possibilities!

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