FLIC Luminaries Homeowner Associations Program Information

The FLIC Luminaries Homeowner Associations Program is designed to help local homeowner associations organize their luminary purchases as a group, and in doing so award them with discounted pricing. It is easy for HOAs to organize and qualify for this program.

HOAs that qualify for our program are given a 25% ongoing discount on their purchases!

Qualifying steps for our Homeowner Associations Program:

  • Organize with your neighbors

    The first step is to meet with all your members, browse your options on our site, and come to agreement on what luminary and luminary products you would like to purchase.

  • Begin taking order commitments

    Start to find out how many neighbors are truly serious about purchasing.  Some HOAs vote for mandated compliance, others do not.  You need to make sure you can make your first order large enough to qualify with the minimum first order requirement.

  • Meet the minimum first order requirement

    Your minimum first order requirement involves purchasing at least 20 sets of 12 luminaries.  After you have met those standards and qualified your HOA, you will be able to continue to order at your discounted rate on an ongoing basis and will not be required to meet additional minimum orders.

  • Setup your HOA account with us

    Your next step involves contact us and letting us know you want to start your HOA account.  You will then proceed to register on our site as a customer, and then we need to move your registration into a HOA account before you start purchasing at a discount.  This all typically takes just a few minutes to complete.

  • Make your first purchase

    It is now time for your to make your first purchase.  Your collective order will be processed and shipped to the single shipping address you have provided.  You will have to pay in full at the time of your order.  Therefore, it will be up to you to collect all moneys due and to distribute the luminaries once they arrive to you.  We heavily advise that you make your first order far in advance and then use your luminaries immediately, so there is still time for other members to order (or order more) in time for the seasons (or your event).

FLIC Luminaries is the only luminary company truly focused on satisfying Homeowner Associations. Here are the reasons why:

  • Our products are built to last, far and above all other luminaries on the market today. We offer a 5-year limited warranty on our luminaries and with proper care our luminaries often last longer than a decade of annual seasonal use.
  • We have been dealing with HOAs for more than 10 years and have the most experience and infrastructure to best accommodate the unique needs of HOAs.
  • Our discounted pricing and "factory direct" business structure creates the absolute highest value for every dollar spent. Our products ship to you directly from our manufacturing facility.
  • Our luminaries are a patented design that is made to last and designed to customize. You are buying a product that will still be completely functional after many years, the design is timeless, and you will always have the possibility of adding decor to your luminaries.  Decorative bows and ribbons, garland, decals, custom-cut vinyl, permanent inks, and the list goes on.

Join us and reap the benefits:

  • Beautify your neighborhood
  • Set the tone for holidays or events
  • Instill neighborhood pride
  • Encourage higher neighborhood value

If you are interested in receiving more information about the FLIC Luminary Homeowner Association Program please contact us to discuss the possibilities!

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