Themes for Luminarias

It seems like every day someone comes up with a new use for FLIC Luminaries. We've listed some of the main areas where our business is focused and growing, but if you do not see the area where you envision using them, please let us know and perhaps we will add it to what we have listed here. Our growth will largely come from you, the customer and visionary, who will continue to create new uses for our extremely diverse products. Please contact us with your ideas!

Christmas luminaries at home

Holiday Luminarias

FLIC Luminaries started with the goal to create decorative luminarias for the holidays, especially Christmas. From there it has grown into wider use, including other holidays and events. Our luminarias offer you classic, tasteful holiday lighting that stands apart from other holiday lighting choices.

We have luminary colors to meet your holiday needs. We've got white, brown, red and green luminarias for Christmas, green luminaries for Saint Patrick's Day, decorated orange and orange luminarias for Halloween. And now we offer multi-color luminary sets in your favorite holiday colors, like red-white-blue luminarias for Independence Day (and all patriotic events), and red-green luminaries for Christmas.

We hope to offer a special blend of summer colors soon for your special, festive summer parties.

Business Luminarias

Luminarias for business use are popular and a growing segment in our client base. Typically, uses are for an event or holiday. Luminarias can help promote events by drawing attention to what is going on. Auto dealerships, hotels, shopping centers are frequent clients for us. We offer 4-color printing on luminarias as well as an assortment of luminary colors and lighting options to customize our luminarias to fit the desires of our clients.

Shopping centers add luminarias to their roof lines to help give the Christmas spirit to shoppers.

Municipalities and local business districts add luminarias to help promote their holiday themes while spreading warm, cozy light.

Hotels, restaurants and just about every business gain a huge benefit by bringing luminary joy to others.

Marriott luminaries

Street luminaries in the snow

Printed Luminarias

FLIC Luminaries now offers 4-color printed luminaries! Luminarias can be printed on the front or can be printed on all sides, creating a full-wrap effect. These printed luminarias can be used outdoors or indoors. Indoor luminarias are often generated into a "kit" which includes a single-socket light string with on/off switch and/or a LED tea light to stay cordless. Since printed luminarias are often made for use at an event or ceremony, it is common to use a LED tea light to show them lit at the event, and then the recipient of the luminary also receives the rest of the kit (light string) to take home for their keepsake item.

There are many great uses for printed luminarias. Often they are used for fundraising events, memorial events, motivational events, promotional and advertising purposes, too.

It is possible to print large quantities of the same print design or one-off (print on demand) luminarias.

Contact us with your questions and ideas. We will do our best to help you create your vision!

Homeowner Association Luminarias

Many Homeowner Associations have discovered FLIC Luminaries over the years. Organized neighborhoods often desire to celebrate the holidays with luminarias all through their neighborhoods, and the experience is phenomenal!

Homeowner Associations who organize their purchases together qualify for special wholesale pricing. We have built an infrastructure to accommodate neighborhood organizations so they can develop a voluntary holiday lighting program that raises funds for lighting their common areas while keeping members happy with the ability to buy luminarias for their own homes at discounted prices.

We operate a website special for the needs of HOAs and neighborhoods. Visit and contact us so we can answer your questions and help you get started!

homeowner association luminaries

luminary event at Wake Forest University

Special Event Luminarias

FLIC Luminaries are used for all kinds of special events, from corporate events to fundraising events to special events at universities. Pictured here is a special event held annually at Wake Forest before their Lovefeast. The university came to realize the reliability of our luminarias in all kinds of weather, and also how environmentally-sound it is for them to use our luminarias because of their quality build so they are reusable and should never find themselves thrown away into a landfill. Read their story here.

What counts most in lighting an event is the reliability of the luminarias used. Our luminaries won't blow away or be destroyed by wet weather. Once the luminarias are secured to the ground, you can count on them performing perfectly regardless if you receive rain, snow or ice, or high winds. You can feel comfort in knowing your event will happen as planned!

Ceremonial Luminarias

Bride and grooms increasingly desire specialized lighting for their weddings and wedding receptions. Our white wedding luminarias are a very popular choice for wedding planners. Whether the event is indoors or outdoors, our luminarias fit in any situation. Contact us for wedding event planning and free advice!

Military families are embracing our luminarias for "Returning Home" deployment parties. We will soon cater to our well-deserving soldiers with our patriotic luminarias colored in red, white and blue!

Our luminarias are a big hit for graduation parties. Our festive lighting will be the hit of the party, whether you throw it in your backyard or at a party venue.

Birthdays are a big celebration every year, so why not use our luminary lighting as a final touch to your special decor? You can bring them back year-after-year and they will always add to the party!

wedding luminarias

desert botanic luminaries

Botanic Luminarias

FLIC Luminaries supplies luminarias for botanical gardens all across America. These commercially-constructed solid luminarias are the perfect match for botanic natural environments. One of our favorite botanic gardens is the Desert Botanical Gardens, located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Luminary lighting creates a nice, soft mood lighting, perfect for highlighting the real star attraction at botanical gardens; the nature on display.

Luminarias make perfect borders for walkways and help keep patrons on the designated paths. The luminary borders not only add beauty, but safety, too.

Our luminarias are a high-design product that minimizes their environmental footprint. Discover how by clicking here.

With the use of new LED light sources, the lighting conserves energy, a positive for the environment.

Fundraising Luminarias

FLIC Luminaries now offers a specialized luminary built to absorb inks from permanent markers, perfect for hand-decorating and creating personalized inside ambient lights. These luminary kits are excellent for fundraising events. We offer special products and services for Relay For Life events at our sister site Relay groups can setup their own ordering pages and build luminary events specific to their desires. Our recent addition of these special luminaries built for hands-on decorating is sensitive and special for families and friends to create their own permanent luminary keepsake to remember their lost loved ones.

For our schools, students decorate their own luminaries and usually have an auction where their parents and family members buy their keepsakes. is our most-recent addition where fundraising to schools and special groups are given special attention and opportunities, including online auctions directly on the website for each group through their own group webpage.

fundraising luminarias

mancave sports luminaries

Sports Luminarias

FLIC Luminaries now offers sports luminaries in the colors of your favorite teams. Visit our sports luminary product page and pick the two key colors of your team.

What a perfect accessory to your sports "mancave" or "womancave!" Fill your room with the colored light combination from your teams!

Light your driveway with your colors and memorabilia to show your team spirit!

Throwing a party on your patio? Celebrate team spirit with your friends!

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