FLIC Lights Wake Forest Campus

FLIC Lights Wake Forest Campus

Our goal was to bring environmentally-sound luminary lighting to the campus while making it beautiful and reliable for their event.  Thanks to the staff at Wake Forest, we succeeded!

Lighting the campus of Wake Forest was no easy job.  Our role in this project was to help guide their staff into making the right purchase, including customizing the light source to meet their needs.  Our goal was to help create a successful event that can be recreated every year moving forward, while focusing on an efficient and environmentally-sound solution.  We feel satisfaction in our results!

In order to find success on major event lighting it requires extensive communication with our clients to make sure all factors are considered and addressed properly.  Because of the magnitude of the project, making even a slight error can not only be costly, but can also create disastrous consequences.  Our experience of over 40 years in event planning is always put to the test under these circumstances.  Failure is not an option.

Our solution was to match our luminaries with our very reliable commercial-grade light strings.  We custom-cut these strings down to lengths that would be easy to handle and store after the event, for future use.  We incorporated warm-white LED bulbs for the beauty of their color and their efficiency and reliability. 

To make the physical process easier in future years, we advised their lighting remain attached to their luminaries in each section and then be bagged into large bags for storage.  This keeps the luminaries from gathering dust and protects each section by keeping them contained and easy to move.

Since our product is built to last (not a throw away item for landfills), being constructed of 100% recyclable polyethylene, and by matching them with the most efficient and durable LED light source, we met our goal of achieving environmentally-soundness in this project.  Checkout more about this project here.

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