Have A Successful Luminary Fundraiser

Have A Successful Luminary Fundraiser

Decorating luminary home lights should be the funnest fundraiser event you do all year!  Follow the easy steps and let us know if we can be of further assistance or if you have good ideas for how we can improve our approach to fundraising.

Step 1:  Build enthusiasm! Send our website information to others.  Order one or more single fundraising kits to show others.  These sell themselves once people experience them in person.  

Step 2:  Make a plan. Decide how you will theme your event.  Will you hold an auction at the end?  How many kits will you need?  Will they be pre-sold?

AUCTION - If you intend to hold an auction you may want to consider safety concerns around Covid.  At this time, many participants are turning to Zoom auctions.  You may have to break your groups down into several auctions because it is difficult to operate with too may people.  Something that makes auctions colorful and more profitable, is to have an auctioneer.  Maybe you can't afford one, but no worries... just search on YouTube.com for auction tutorials and you'll have no problem getting a volunteer to tackle it.  Usually, it's parents biding on their own kids' luminaries.  An easy way to do this and make sure you receive a decent donation without putting parents on the spot or shaming a student with no bidding... work out with parents ahead of time what they would accept as a maximum bid.  Keep your bid max sheet with several of your staff and create a fun bidding situation that hits the target every time.  Kids love to watch their luminaries fought after!  

HOW MANY TO ORDER -  It's a good idea to pre-sale or get pre-commitments far in advance so you can order correctly.  Ask parents for other family members wanting an heirloom.  It's common to sell many luminaries within the same family!  It's also a good idea to order a few extra.  Even though permanent markers are used for decoration, the color can be wiped clean with rubbing alcohol.  So you shouldn't have cases where someone fouled up their art enough to force using another one.  You can also use adhesive-backed applique on your luminaries, and also many glues.  Most of the time, these applications can be removed if changes are desired.  

Step 3:  Far in advance of your event, make sure to start promoting the date and time of your event.  Perhaps you have several dates to mention.  First would be the time to decorate the luminaries.  It's a good idea to decorate luminaries together so you can take advantage of sharing the same supplies, like Sharpies, printable clear film in a printer (to print photos on), and other art supplies (glue, glitter, decals, etc.).  If Covid is a concern, you can setup sharing supplies and have them decorated at home.  Make sure all supplies are cleansed between houses.  Other times to plan for include your auction (optional).  If you are holding an auction and doing it through Zoom, please make sure your auction groups are not too large and consider having multiple auctions.  Take advantage of email, phone, texting, and maybe even direct mailing, to help promote your dates.  It's a good idea to include photos so people understand more about what this is exactly.  Most people do not realize solid luminaries exist!  You can use any photos we post on our site for this purpose.  If you need assistance with this, please contact us and we are happy to help you!

Step 4:  Make sure to take ample photos of everything relative in your fundraiser.  You may be using these photos next time, when you do this fundraiser again!  Think about the best ways to build this into something bigger every year!

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  • Donna Parsons

    Donna Parsons 03/22/2022

    Didn't know about this but once it was going we realized we had a winner on our hands! Thank you, David, for all your time and effort helping us get this started! I know this will now be our perennial favorite fundraiser! Several other classes in our lower school plan to jump on next year!
  • Thom Mullins

    Thom Mullins 04/14/2021

    Funnest fundraiser ever! Thanks, Flic!
  • Merrill Barton

    Merrill Barton 04/10/2021

    We just completed our first attempt to use luminaries as a fundraiser for cancer and it was very successful. It was not our biggest money maker project but we hope to grow this next year now that we have one under our belt. The key is to make sure and buy enough kits because there is a surge at the end of the event as more family members want to buy them. This event is very emotional and therapeutic to our group. Everyone was touched by the luminaries made.
  • Cameron Dyson

    Cameron Dyson 03/27/2021

    Hello Lindsay. We just completed our first attempt at a luminary fundraiser. Covid made it a little difficult for our auction because we wanted to do it in person but ended up on Zoom. It still came off okay and we look forward to doing another one of these next year, hopefully conducting a real life auction. I'm certain we should have bought more kits because most of our families wanted more than one luminary. Several wanted 3 decorated luminaries (because of grandparents). To raise the most money you want to plan early and get the word out to families with a photo so they understand what it is and tell them to ask other family members. I'm convinced for next year this will easily be our biggest fundraiser all year!
  • Lindsay McComas

    Lindsay McComas 03/23/2021

    I am an administrator at an independent school and look forward to trying luminaries for our spring fundraiser. I am hoping we spread this throughout our lower school. If you have tried this project, can you please post your experiences? I would like to know a little more about what to expect. Thank you.

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