Shifting FLIC HOA customers to HOA Website

Shifting FLIC HOA customers to HOA Website

Shifting our current HOA customers from this website to the new HOA Luminaries website - has been quite an undertaking.

We feel like we have moved most of our pre-existing HOA customers to this new website.  This involves moving several areas; first, the individual HOA product pages.  While moving the product pages we often applied some of our new technology to the new pages.  Translated, this means no more necessity to have two separate pages; one for the set of 12 luminaries and one for the set of 6 luminaries.  We have combined these two pages onto one page.  Another enhancement involves the addition of a donation box on the product page and also in the shopping cart.  This allows homeowners to donate money for the neighborhood common area luminaries.  We have already noticed this to be a very big improvement for raising money for common areas!

Other areas of migration concern the past customer database, including their previous orders.  This is more complicated, but we are tackling this and making progress.

Because of the enormity of this project, on occasion, there may be a typo or some small mistake on your project.  We ask all organizers and homeowners... if you see a mistake, please bring this to our attention so we can correct it immediately!

So far, we have enjoyed a very positive response to this new website focused specifically on neighborhood organizations.  If you have ideas to further advance HOA Luminaries, please let us know!

We wish you all a great year and positive growth with your luminary programs!

Thank you all for your patience as we advance to make life better for us all!

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