Environmental positives of FLIC luminaries

Environmental positives of FLIC luminaries

Environmental positives of FLIC luminaries?  Who would have thought it!

Who would think positively of anything made from plastic being environmentally sound?  Let's face it, plastic is usually considered one of the big pollutants on our planet.  And well it should!

What makes something a "pollutant?"  Everything is made from earthly material.  

We consider something a pollutant when it brings harm to our planet.  If it hurts anything living eventually we take notice.  Nature, trees, animals, people.

We also tend to call something a pollutant if it often finds its way to a landfill, floating on the sea, or spreading through the air.

FLIC luminaries are a high-design product that takes into account the environmental impact it creates.  These luminaries carry a 10-Year Luminary Warranty!  That is a big deal, especially since it is a polymer product designed to be used outdoors.  Obsolesence is one of the biggest factors involved in deciding if a product is "green friendly."  Few FLIC luminaries every find their way into a landfill.  Outside of being smashed by a car, they tend to "keep on ticking" just like the old Timex watches!  If you take care of your luminaries they should outlive you!

Another big reason why so few FLIC luminaries end up in a landfill; they are made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), a very recyclable polymer that is valuable for recyclers to recycle.

The only reason a FLIC luminary will find its way into a landfill is by mistake and as our world becomes more focused on a clean environment, we can expect that to rarely happen!

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