Church Luminaries

Luminaries have a spiritual message. They illuminate our world, lighting our path to show us direction, and they give us a feeling of warmth and love. FLIC Luminaries is a spiritual-based company here to provide luminaries to the flock!

Cathedral luminaries

Churches and Faith-based Organizations

Churches and faith-based organizations have always been important to us and we make every effort to help them with their needs.

These clients receive 20% off on their purchases.

There are many perfect moments for using luminaries. Christmas and other spiritual holidays are obvious opportunities for lighting churches, other places of worship, themed events, and cemeteries.

We offer several ways to light your luminaries. Light Strings are common for long runs outside. If you are outside or inside and would rather not deal with a light string we have LED tea lights. We also offer real candles which are popular for ceremonial uses. Our luminaries can use any of these light sources and gives you the flexibility you need to use luminaries for multipurposes!

Wedding Luminarias

Wedding luminarias have become a popular accessory for weddings; both inside churches and at wedding receptions.

FLIC Luminaries has long been the popular choice for wedding and event planners, churches, and couples planning their own special day. Our luminaries are the only luminaries with a formal look. We have specially-designed LED warm white lights that make them glow a very beautiful white! Wedding luminaries glowing a nice, soft white is so attractive and really fits the event!

Checkout our wedding luminarias here.

Wedding luminaries

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Fundraising opportunities

Our luminaries are great for fundraising. Start a luminary drive and you will be shocked how popular luminaries are! We can build you a custom luminary page to sell from. You set the price, we collect the funds and ship each order individually, and you bank the difference between your sell and buy prices.

If you operate a school, we make special luminaries for kids to individually decorate. They make great night or mood interior lights. We even provide a single light string with on/off switch. This fundraiser has become very popular!

Checkout our fundraising luminarias here.

Luminaries Built to Last

FLIC luminaries are the only luminary available with a luminary warranty. We give a 10-year warranty on our luminaries! Checkout our luminary warranty here.

The best value with our luminaries is their durability. Our luminaries are built for weather! Snow, ice, rain, wind... our luminaries have even survived hurricanes and tornadoes!

If you are interested in buying a large quantity, perhaps it is in your interest to have us send you a sample first! Nothing sells our luminaries better than having clients touch and feel our products! Each luminary weighs 1/2 lb of solid polymer!

Wedding luminarias

cemetary luminaries

Memorial Luminaries

Cemeteries often have memorial services on special days, like Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Organizers look for luminaries they know will hold up if weather goes wet or freezing, or blowing. FLIC luminaries are the only luminaries built to withstand all forms of weather! Gone are the chances that your event is controlled by weather conditions.

A great option for cemetery events is matching FLIC luminaries with our timered LED tea lights. Using this light source means no need for electric cords. No worry of fire or flames extinguished by wind. Wet weather not a problem if the proper steps are taken.

Contact Us and Let's Get Started!

Contact us and we will get you setup with a 20% off wholesale account. We are here to help answer your questions because we want you to be well-educated on luminaries, and especially OUR luminaries!

Need help finding the number of luminaries you will need for your property or event? Let us help you with that. Question about your lighting choice? We have the answers. Whatever question you may have, count on our experience to help you with the correct answer. We are here to help you!

Call David at 888-550-3542 for details or contact us through our contact form.

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