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FLIC Luminaries versus Paper Bag Luminaries

Long ago, paper bag luminarias really helped spark luminary useage in America. People put sand in the bottom of paper bags they acquired from a market and used candles for the light source. The look is very informal, but attractive in it's simplicity. From experience, people have learned that paper luminarias create a definite risk of fire. Even when the candles are inserted carefully in the paper bags, a slight breeze can carry a flame over to the paper, or can bring the paper over to the flame. Anytime fire is involved, fire prevention should be a major concern, and the use of paper in such close proximity to fire will always pose a risk. A spin-off from paper luminarias are the aerial luminarias (known as "sky lanterns") and their obvious risk to setting fires has created legislative bans in many States and more States are sure to follow.

FLIC luminaries are built of rigid, polymer plastic. Our luminaries have a formal, "dressed up" appearance especially when compared to paper bags. Because of the rigid design and plastic construction, our luminaries are considered a much safer selection when comparing to paper bags with fire used as the light source. FLIC Luminaries offers candle light sources but also extends the level of safety by offering non-fire light sources including electric light strings and LED tealights.

Perhaps the biggest reason to choose FLIC luminaries over paper luminarias is the lack of potentially creating a messy situation. Sand-filled paper luminarias and rain/snow storms (or sprinkler systems) simply do not mix! Once the paper gets wet they have lost their structural integrity and you can expect that to be the end of your luminarias and be stuck with the burden of cleaning up piles of sand and paper trash left in their place. Suddenly the cheap price paid for paper luminarias is no longer worth it. They will need to be replaced once they get wet (what is your time and effort worth?), while FLIC luminaries will be used for many years, most likely beyond a decade of use!

compare wet paper and plastic luminaries

Photo "A": we gently sprayed both luminarias with a garden hose. The paper luminary collapsed from the wetness of the bag. Photo "B": we gripped the sides preparing to lift the paper luminary. Photo "C": we lifted and the sand wasn't going anywhere. Photo "D": a glimpse from the top. Notice the sand neatly stays in the FLIC luminary.

FLIC Luminaries versus Competing Plastic Luminarias

Several of our competitors have branched into plastic luminarias in hopes of competing with our patented premium luminarias. Typically, their thin plastic luminarias fold up for storage or are constructed of a flimsy plastic material simulating a paper bag construction.

If you really want to compare luminarias carefully, please visit this site: https://compareluminaries.com

compare luminary wall thicknesses

No other luminary on the market is built as well as the FLIC Luminary. Our luminary walls are constructed of 1/8" polyethylene injection-molded polymer and because of their rigid construction can not be folded or collapsed similar to a paper bag, like our competitors' plastic versions of luminaries do. Pairing our rigid construction with our industry-protected special polymer formula makes our luminaries a one-of-a-kind outdoor luminary truly built to withstand all weather for a long period of time! Many of our first customers continue to use their original purchased luminaries for 20+ years now!

flic luminaries are so strong you can stand on them

Our luminarias are so strong... you can stand on them!

Our luminarias are engineered to stack inside of each other (nesting) to reduce storage space. And it is advised that you keep your original shipping box and use this box to store your luminarias along with the foam spacer insert. We proudly offer our 10-Year Luminary Warranty on our luminarias! 

FLIC luminaries stand apart from all our competition, and we are the industry-leader in residential and commercial luminarias because of our outstanding quality. We are the consistent supplier for theme parks, botanical gardens, municipalities, and even our Department of Defense!

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