FLAME Bulbs Available NOW!

FLAME Bulbs Available NOW!


We've been promising flickering light bulbs for several years, and now we are not only announcing these bulbs arrival but we've gone a step further by offering FLAME bulbs!  FLAME bulbs not only flicker, they also flicker in a motion like fire by flickering in depth, throughout the complete bulb.  This is possible because each bulb has 39 independent LEDs inside!  The effect isn't easy to describe, it is easier to see them in action!  These bulbs have a dancing flame running through them.  Say goodbye to static luminaries, and hello to animated, flaming luminaries!

We will continue to update this page as we create more videos and have additional news.

FLAME BULBS NOW AVAILABLE!  Click here to buy bulbs only!

FLAME BULBS AVAILABLE IN LUMINARY SETS!  Click here to buy luminary sets with flame bulbs!

There are two colors of flaming bulbs; traditional amber that looks like an actual flame, and warm white giving the action of a flame but in a beautiful white and keeping our white luminaries looking magical and pure!

Here is our new amber flame bulbs installed in brown luminaries on an adobe home!

White flame bulbs installed in white luminaries create beautiful white flaming luminarias!

Flaming bulbs bring terror to the look of your Halloween luminaries!

Buy Halloween luminaries here!

Color testing flame bulbs with white and brown luminarias

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