Set of 12 Halloween Luminaries

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12 Orange Decorated Halloween Solid, Hard-Plastic Luminaries. Select your lighting source to complete your set.

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We have NO PRICE INCREASES this year!

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  • Green Light String & Orange bulbs
  • White Light String & Orange bulbs
  • No Luminary Stakes
  • Set of 12 Luminary Stakes

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Flaming bulbs bring terror to the look of your Halloween luminaries!

Visit our FLAMING Luminaries Blog for videos and info on buying your FLAMING bulbs!

Built for residential and commercial use, outdoors and indoors. Perfect for Halloween decor!

FLIC Luminaria lantern Sets:

  • Perfect for Halloween - they come already decorated with 6 unique Halloween designs.
  • Timeless Shape & Style - looks like a contemporary version of the old-fashioned paper sack but without all the problems. No folding required - saves time, hassle and frustration.
  • Beautiful Warm Orange Glow - Our Halloween luminaries radiate a warm orange glow with use of our light strings with matched orange C7 light bulbs.
  • Waterproof, Durable, and Reusable - FLIC Luminaries are made from a sturdy polymer with UV inhibitors that is resistant to weather and the elements. Our Luminaries are tough enough to stand on and can be used season after season, year after year. We lead the industry with a 10-Year Luminary Warranty!
  • Effortless Installation - easy to install and store. Use sand, gravel, or water for weighting or our special stakes which let you use FLIC Luminaries on uneven surfaces and slopes. No other luminary has the versatility of FLIC Luminaries. They even nest together for efficient and easy storage.
  • FLIC Luminaries - the weatherproof and reusable solution for your holiday and event lighting needs.

SIZE & LENGTH: Each luminary lantern is 9-inches tall, 6-inches wide and 4-inches deep. For customers buying lights strings; they are 36-feet long, 12 sockets with 3-feet between each socket. One light string per set of 12 luminaries and can be strung end-to-end for up to 4 sets per string circuit.


1. Electric Light Strings -  Available in green or white color.  12-socket light strings with 36-inches between sockets, 36-feet in total length. Comes with custom-tuned orange bulbs and 1 extra bulb of each color as a spare.  Requires 110-volt outlet nearby. These lights are specifically tuned for these colored luminaries and so it is suggested you don't attempt to use other lighting.


1. With Luminary Stakes - If you intend to use our luminaries outside, it is advised that you consider a method to secure the luminaries to the surface you will place them on.  High winds or unlevel surfaces are common situations that will disturb your careful luminary setup.  There are 2 easy solutions for securing your luminaries.  The easiest method, if you have a penetrable surface, is to also select our luminary stakes that are matched specifically to your luminaries.  The other option involves weighing down your luminaries with sand or small pebble stones in the base. 

2. No Luminary Stakes - If you plan to use sand or small pebble stones to secure your luminaries no luminary stakes are necessary.

Buy our luminaries and feel confident you are buying the best luminary lantern offered for decorative lighting!

Data sheet
Luminary Color Orange with Black Vinyl Halloween Artwork
Set Quantity Set of 12 Luminaries
Lighting Options Choice of green or white C7 light string with matching orange bulbs
Secure To Ground Optional Luminary Stakes

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Set of 12 Halloween Luminaries

12 Orange Decorated Halloween Solid, Hard-Plastic Luminaries. Select your lighting source to complete your set.

APPRECIATION SALE: 5% off today!


We have NO PRICE INCREASES this year!

luminary warranty

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I want... I want... I want!

I want these sooo badly! Gotta have those flame bulbs. this screams... Halloween!

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Buying these too!

I'm adding these to the rainbow luminaries and I'm set for life! You guys have really made my year! Thank you!

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Just ordered mine after seeing near my house. Looking forward to Halloween!

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I ordered these last year and LOVE THEM! Came back for an extra set to reach to the bottom of my driveway. Everyone loves these!

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Our Set of 12 Orange Halloween Luminaries come already decorated, with 6 unique designs (used twice per set).  Designs include: Ghost, Cat, Witch, Pumpkin, Spider and Skull.  See all 6 designs by browsing the photos above.

It is advised to buy these luminaries WITH the optional green light string that includes orange C7 light bulbs.  This combination creates a lot of ORANGE LIGHT, perfect for Halloween!

If you will be using luminaries in your yard, flower bed, or someplace on top of penetrable surface, it is advised to also purchase our luminary stakes to help secure your luminaries to the ground to prevent movement from wind.  Our stakes also help keep your luminaries upright if your surface is not exactly level.