FLIC Adds Yellow Luminaries

FLIC Adds Yellow Luminaries

FLIC Luminaries has now added the color yellow to their luminaries.  This has become a very positive move forward as it adds many new ordering options.

Not only can customers order yellow luminaries, either as a Set of 12 or Set of 6 or Single Luminary... having yellow available opens up new themes.

We now offer MARDI GRAS luminaries!  The first of it's kind!  Available undecorated in the Mardi Gras colors (green, purple, yellow), available here, and also decorated with these colors and added graphics (coming soon!).  Please check them out and decide for yourself!

Adding yellow was the final step for completing the rainbow colors, too.  So, finally, here they are... RAINBOW LUMINARIES for the first time, in Set of 12 and Set of 6.

Since we have a wide assortment of colors we are also offering the opportunity for customers to order their own personal school and sports luminaries.  Design your own luminary set!  Either in a Set of 12 or Set of 6!

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